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Prescription Sports Goggles advice needed

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NobodyInParticular Wed 27-Jul-16 16:51:00

The school have said DC who wear glasses need to have a pair of prescription sports goggles for safety. I'm a bit I overwhelmed by choice!

Any tips on which to get? Or recommendations for others? It's for a fairly normal prescription, not an extreme one.

I've been looking at

Also, if I got some with nose protection is there a danger they may not fit the nose? And do you think a standard strap would be OK under a Hockey / Fencing helmet?

NobodyInParticular Wed 27-Jul-16 22:57:52

Reminding myself of this link for later:

ealingwestmum Mon 01-Aug-16 15:10:41

Hi OP, this may not be appropriate if your DC are young, but we started originally with glasses 'straps' that secured her normal glasses to her head pretty well for most sports via the arms. At 11 (all of Y6) we switched to daily contacts as she was very sports active, that worked for all but swimming. She would take her glasses poolside as prescription googles for pool use just didn't last very long (and therefore very costly)!

A good optician only allows children who pass the pretests and have a sound level of maturity to cope with the hygiene as well as the inserting/removing process. In our case, DD's prescription changed quite frequently, at every 6 month check up if not before.

Not for everyone but the freedom to enjoy sports more freely has worked for us.

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