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Shoulder rest recommendations

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2ndSopranosRule Sun 17-Apr-16 11:52:21

Dd1 wants a shoulder rest. Doesn't so much want one but is in full on "but I have to have one now" mode a la Verruca Salt.

She's just done Grade 1 and plays constantly. I'm talking hours and hours a week. Someone else in her year at school has produced one and dd1 is now jealous.

I'm officially a first study cellist (allegedly; my username reflects my current musical preference...) and utterly clueless. She's currently using a sponge/rubber band combo and the opinion of violinist friends of mine is "get her a shoulder rest".

Her friend is using some sort of souped-up sponge thing and it's apparently too fiddly.


disorganisedmummy Sun 17-Apr-16 14:09:23

Hi there,my Ds uses this one and most if the violinists in the 2 orchestras he plays in use these.

Hope that helps.

howabout Sun 17-Apr-16 17:33:20

I am a violinist and have been playing for over 40 years, most of that time with a proper shoulder rest. I have just swapped to an accoustagrip and I absolutely love it (suspect this is the souped up fiddly sponge thingy). It allows much more freedom of movement and improves the tone of my violin massively because it is almost weightless compared to a shoulder rest. I would not recommend it for a youngish child as it relies on creating a dust free vacuum to keep it in place which requires quite a lot of attention to detail in storage etc. A sponge secured with an elastic band is the next best thing imo (even if you do end up experimenting with different shapes and consistencies).

DD1 and DD2 still prefer shoulder rests though. If you go down the shoulder rest route then I suggest you go to a shop and try some out as there are lots of options and different physiques suit different styles. The only one of our selection I would not recommend is one that adjusts by pushing in rather than using a fixed mechanism - it never stays put.

PS I well remember shoulder rest envy.

NeverEverAnythingEver Mon 18-Apr-16 12:20:00

I saw a child with a Kinder Chinder - they really like it.

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