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Singing teacher recommendations (London)

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NotAStageMother Wed 25-Nov-15 12:41:35

DS(9) has recently begun to audition for professional musical theatre productions. He has a good voice but needs help with vocal technique, so I'm trying to find a singing teacher for him.

He already sings in his school choir (which is quite a high standard) so am not looking for group singing classes, but would like to find a teacher for individual lessons. He had a trial lesson with the school's singing teacher, but really didn't click with her so refused to continue. I suspect he would do better with a male teacher, and someone with more of a musical theatre focus, who could help him prepare for auditions.

We are in northeast London so would prefer a teacher localish to us or in central London. I've looked on but would rather not use a trial-and-error approach, especially as he's already baulked at one teacher. I'd be very grateful for any recommendations anyone has (feel free to PM me).

NotAStageMother Thu 26-Nov-15 10:49:33


(Suggestions for teachers of either gender would be very welcome!)

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