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Ice Skating in Chelmsford/ Piper Vale Gymnastics in Ipswich

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cafelatte1 Sat 26-Jul-14 09:18:46

Hi all,

Has anyone been with to the toddler skating lessons at chelmsford? have DD who is 3 and DS who is 2. would be interested in taking them to this but there is not a lot of info online. Are the classes structured at all, or is it just a kind of play session with parents and toddlers?

also, DD cant start junior rec gymnastics until she is at school, ( sep 15) so is it worth doing a year of the teddy bear classes first, or does it usually take a lot less to work up through the teddy grades? happy to send from now if that is the usual pathway. they both go to toddler play sessions at the moment and love it.

if anyone knows anything about either, would be very much appreciated!

queenofthemountain Mon 11-Aug-14 16:31:44

As a gymnastics coach I would have to say there is usually a conspicuous difference between those who have done pre-school gymnastics and those who haven't.
Also some skiils are easier to get when you are little and light - I am thinking of bar skills like circle up which require little strength when you only weigh a couple of stone.Also pre-schoolers are often more flexible and its good to maintain/work on that.

LollipopViolet Tue 12-Aug-14 07:06:03

Not in Chelmsford but toddler sessions at my local rink are play based with the aim of getting the little ones comfortable on the ice, ready for group lessons when they're a bit bigger.

That being said, I know one lady and her 3 girls who all have 1:1 lessons with my coach and her youngest is 3, I think, so it depends on your child's concentration, a coach might take them on younger than the minimum age for group lessons, if there is one smile

cafelatte1 Tue 12-Aug-14 20:55:48

Thank you both!

Have decided to send DD to the pre school gymnastics class starting next month so hopefully she will enjoy that!!

Should I think seriously about starting pre school ballet for 30 mins once a week as well if she is to start as she means to go on in gymnastics? She has a trial class on the 6th for ballet to see how she likes it.

Will leave the skating for now , if later on she decides against gymnastics can look down that route possibly.

Thanks again!

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