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Swimming holiday courses

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chocolatemartini Fri 06-Jun-14 15:55:43

Friend's son is 11 and has jut this year tarted swimming competitively. She is looking for a summer holiday course (pref London based) or swimming camp if there is such a thing to send him on in August. Somewhere with high level teaching and small groups would be good

QueenofLouisiana Tue 10-Jun-14 22:58:14

I'm looking at SwimSkills, but we can't get to the courses as we are away sad. They do courses in London, but they are day courses not camps. The children need to be ASA registered to take part.

chocolatemartini Wed 11-Jun-14 11:22:54

Great thanks I'll look them up. Friend is having a tough time at the moment so I thought I'd suggest treating her son to something he enjoys to get him out of her house for a bit and give her some peace in the holidays. Will depend on logistics...

chocolatemartini Wed 11-Jun-14 11:33:05


QueenofLouisiana Wed 11-Jun-14 21:49:10

Yes, that's the one. I must admit that I mainly chose it because they have a course somewhere near me- not 100s of miles away! DS would benefit from the starts and turns as he is also new to competitive swimming (moved to ASA category 3 last month).

I'm keeping an eye out for the next courses.

chocolatemartini Sat 14-Jun-14 17:33:34

Fab thanks

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