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Music'All Parsons Green

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MusicMake Mon 24-Jun-13 22:26:53

Does any one know anything about the Music'All school based in Parsons Green? I was considering it for 6 year old DD. From the website it looks fantastic but I was wondering if any one had any direct experience or had heard anything about it?

PeterMusicall Tue 20-May-14 18:19:34

Hallo - I've only just come across this message, hence the delay since the original post. At the moment, Music'All seems to have zero presence on Mumsnet, so as a trustee of the school and parent of a DD alumna, I thought I should do something to rectify that! I'm biased, of course, but I think it's a fabulous school and it bridges the chasm between local music services provision on one hand, and junior conservatories that are only for the seriously gifted on the other. The school is run by a group of parent trustees (who started the school because nothing quite like it existed in s-w London), and is staffed by a bunch of terrific, committed teachers. We're based in a purpose-built school music building in Fulham on Saturdays (though we also provide tuition throughout the week in other venues). It has a thriving student body of 220 very happy children from 5-18, for whom we aim to provide a holistic music education including 1-1 instrumental tuition, musicianship classes (based on a custom-made curriculum that prepares children for G5 Theory and aural tests in ABRSM practical exams, but also aims to provide a broad understanding of music history and different musical styles). We have senior and junior orchestras, jazz bands, ensembles and choirs (group music-making is the school's lifeblood, everyone takes part in one or more of these activities). We welcome our young beginners with First Musical Steps classes and taster sessions on different instruments. We also lay on musicianship classes and choir for parents, so the school really has a strong family/community feel. It is fee-paying, but Music'All is a charity and we keep the prices as low as possible, and actively fund-raise to support bursary places. Do get in touch if you want to learn more

margotlondres Mon 01-Aug-16 18:24:25

Hello mums,

It would be great if you could fill in your super quick survey about Kids Activities in SW London, that will actually helps us tailor better activities to suit families in the area! ... #responses

Many thanks!
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