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David Davis leaked letter.

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justnowords Wed 29-Mar-17 10:47:30

Can someone verify this for me. Is this a letter that David Davis has written himself that has been leaked. And it is him/someone in the British Government saying that should NI leave UK and rejoin Ireland then they will be accepted into the EU as part of Ireland? If I have read this correct, can I ask how Davis knows this. Seeing as UK will be out of the EU, how can he have any authority on who the EU will/will not let join?

Peregrina Wed 29-Mar-17 16:51:17

I don't know about Davis, having been out all day. There is a precedent with the reunification of Germany, so it sounds possible.

I wonder if May really wants to go down as the architect of the break up of the United Kingdom? And all to appease some Tory nutters.

Nicotina Wed 29-Mar-17 17:11:48

Surely no one thinks N Ireland joining the Republic is like the reunification of Germany.
Read up on why it really isn't.

Peregrina Wed 29-Mar-17 17:39:22

Did I say it was? Of course it isn't, but each application would be taken on its merits, and the reunification and subsequent entry of the former E Germany could be taken as one precedent. Some things would be much easier, as a former EU member, most of the laws would already have been harmonised.

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