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Does this make sense?

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wooflesgoestotown Tue 28-Jun-16 10:27:26

I'm a bremainer but trying to think positively!!

1. We might still not get Brexit - depending on how events develop over the coming months we could have a general election with manifesto commitments to a second referendum/delayed Brexit etc

2. It will become obvious to all that genuinely splitting with the European common market would be economic suicide and any gains would be too abstract and long term to justify it

3. In the event of actual Brexit we will still have a core of EU access, obviously including a version of free movement and a UK contribution.

4. We may end up a bit worse off economically assuming it is true that full EU membership is more beneficial but we will avoid the full effects of being outside the CM. And we may actually end up better off if the benefits of being outside the EU pay off.


5. We could end up with a much more politically engaged and supportive electorate.

(I know I haven't mentioned Scotland and NI as I'm not sure how to fit that all in...)

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