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Well lets just take a moment. (I wanted to remain)

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Druid123 Mon 27-Jun-16 09:06:45

We are all looking at the worst things that can happen, it is just the fear of the unknown. I left school in the 70's when there where far more jobs for the younger generation maybe we will be OK. I have read many things about companies relocating with EU funds to Eastern Europe and how much we pay in I have also read how much we import from the EU so cant see them wanting to shoot themselves in the foot. Now we are seeing the anger that our European partners first felt calming down. Maybe the new Goverment will never act on the referendum or maybe Europe will offer us a different deal even if they don't this country has been around a long time and always managed. We are not at war or under attack we will always need people from abroad and the skills they offer.

PinkyPlumet Mon 27-Jun-16 10:02:54

Not ANOTHER one?!? there are so many threads about this alreadyconfused

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