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The progressive argument for Brexit is not being heard.

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shinytorch2 Sun 19-Jun-16 22:59:24

This is an interesting article from the Guardian which concludes

"Europe’s economic model isn’t working and hasn’t been working for a long time. Bad economics leads to bad politics. Always has, always will."

Here's the full article - worth a read.

Millyonthefloss2 Mon 20-Jun-16 09:19:40

Yes that is such a sensible article. I just don't understand how anyone on the left can support the EU or our membership of it.

"Europe’s growth performance since the launch of the euro has been pitiful. Talk of protecting workers’ rights is meaningless unless you have a job, and millions of Europe’s citizens do not. The structural adjustment programmes forced on those countries that have required financial bailouts have involved savage attacks on workers’ rights, including collective bargaining."

It's baffling to me that the Guardian's economics man is so good at pointing out the dangers of the EU to the people of Europe, but that the paper on the whole clearly supports remain.

0phelia Mon 20-Jun-16 10:34:08

There is a real problem which is Corbyn's labour. The decision to keep the Labour party United in agreement for Bremain means that the left wing arguments for Brexit have been suppressed.

I understand why this has happened, it's more important for the party to not tear themselves apart more than they have already (Blairites vs the others) than it is to allow any vicious in-fighting under this referendum.

I'll be interested in Corbyn's Live Sky interview tonight.

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