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Donald Tusk says Brexit could be the end of western political civilisation

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Itinerary Tue 14-Jun-16 09:09:15

EU Council President Donald Tusk has said to Bild magazine that "Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction of not only the EU but also of western political civilisation in its entirety."

Donald Tusk: Brexit could destroy Western political civilisation

"UKIP MP Douglas Carswell said the Remain campaign was "falling apart".

"He tweeted: "Why hasn't Western civilisation come to an end already seeing as how most countries are self governing?""

"Leave campaigners have regularly accused Remain of scaremongering after repeated warnings from high-profile figures against leaving the EU."

"Employment Minister Priti Patel said: "This is extraordinary language from the EU president, and serves only to reveal his own desperation.""

""The only thing that is destroying civilisations is the euro, which has ruined economies and led to youth unemployment soaring to nearly 50% in southern Europe.""

claig Tue 14-Jun-16 09:12:32

It's typical Establishment hyperballs. They are desperate, they time is up.

claig Tue 14-Jun-16 09:14:59

Do we really want to be run by people like Tusk, paid for out of public taxes, who is so out of his mind that he comes out with such "nonsense on stilts" and expects the British people to believe him and his mates?

Chalalala Tue 14-Jun-16 09:15:09

It's typical Establishment hyperballs

not normally one to highlight typos but this is a pretty hilarious one smile

Spinflight Tue 14-Jun-16 09:15:16

The Sun has come out for leave rather strongly..

Doubt it around be the sun wot won it in this instance but it does tend to have some influence..

lavenderdoilly Tue 14-Jun-16 09:16:33

Hyberbolic bollocks but I am still with Remain.

claig Tue 14-Jun-16 09:19:01

'not normally one to highlight typos but this is a pretty hilarious one'

It was deliberate. You have to have a laugh at the Establishment, their cronies and mischievous money grubbing mates. The more their "nonsense on stilts" is revealed by the people, the angrier they and their mates get and hence the more preposterous their threats.

lavenderdoilly Tue 14-Jun-16 09:19:32

And we are also run in part by the House of Lords who are unelected and paid out of our taxes.

whattodoforthebest2 Tue 14-Jun-16 09:21:49

Western political civilisation = contradiction in terms.

Floating duck house, anyone?

Chalalala Tue 14-Jun-16 09:22:12

It was deliberate.

oh! ok

whattodoforthebest2 Tue 14-Jun-16 09:26:53

Does he mean Brexit would cause an upheaval? I'm all for that then.

claig Tue 14-Jun-16 09:28:40

Tusk's mobole phone rings

"Hello, Donald Tusk speaking, President and grossly overpaid publicly funded official."
"Hello, Donald, it's the Prime Minister of the 5th largest economy in the world"
"Oh, hello, Boris"
"No, it's not Boris, yet, it's me, Call Me Dave, I'm still hanging on by my fingertips. I say, things are beginning to look desperate for all of us and our mates, is there anything you could possibly do to help, an intervention of any sort?"
"But, I thought you were already using Project Fear"
"We are, but it's not working and now we have had to resort to using Gordpn Brown, after Eddie Izzard fell flat as a pancake."
"Sacre bleu! I didn't realise things were that bad. I will intervene immediately and scare the rabble by saying it could be the end of Western Civilization"
"Great, fingers crossed that this will do the job, because nothing else has done"

shinytorch2 Tue 14-Jun-16 09:46:33

Evan Davis said last night on news night that Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, although campaigning to remain, want to see some control on immigration...... They were part of the team that orchestrated open borders from 2004 onwards.....obviously they gave no explanation as to how they wanted to control immigration whilst remaining! Duh!!

claig Tue 14-Jun-16 09:51:12

shinytorch2, this is typical of the inversion of reality of all these servants of the system as their desperation reaches fever pitch as the people are about to reject everything they have sold us.

Alan Johnson, the man the Establishment has been hoping can save them, the figure they all look towards for help, was on the radio today and came out with the ultimate Alice in Wonderland inversion of reality

"If we leave, we lose control"

They really think we are stupid, they really think they can scare us. But the British people are about to end their entire "nonsense on stilts".

YourPerception Tue 14-Jun-16 11:02:10

History is full of the dismantle and rebuilding of empires.

Room101isWhereIUsedToLive Tue 14-Jun-16 11:09:40

The end of Western political civilization?
Sounds good to me, lets bring it on. Our capitalist society only serves those who have money and economic power. Our democracy is a farce. The status quo could do with being challenged.

Chalalala Tue 14-Jun-16 11:10:10

To be fair, the days of Western political domination are likely numbered anyway. It's been 400 years, we've had a good run. Brexit and the collapse of the EU would just speed up the process marginally. Maybe.

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