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recycling old clothes that no-one can wear...any ideas?

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PavlovtheCat Mon 14-May-07 20:22:15

I have had a clear out and have some clothes that are not fit for use (mainly old tee-shirts that I just never got round to throwing/sentimental reasons etc)
many items are - they will go to charity shops/clothing bank.

However, some just would not do for use. I have lots of rags myself already for floor etc and nowhere to store any more.

Does anyone know if there are companies who would use cotton clothes to re-use for recycled clothes (for example Next sell recycled cotton teeshirts). I would like to find a locally or nationally based co that might take these rather than throwing them out.

All ideas welcome!

southeastastra Mon 14-May-07 20:29:08

our local tip has a section for clothes/rags so i just assumed they'd go for recycling there

Muminfife Mon 14-May-07 20:30:25

Message withdrawn

fransmom Mon 14-May-07 20:32:23

i used to work in a charity shop and we had a weekly rag bag collection. ragbags were full of clothes not fit for wearing. maybe you could put them into a separate bag and tell the charity shops that they are rags and it saves them lot s of time in sorting them out. hth x

fransmom Mon 14-May-07 20:32:45

rag rugs good idea too!

lulumama Mon 14-May-07 20:34:30

for cleaning cloths

or our green box recycling takes them

booradley Mon 14-May-07 20:35:52

My local Age Concern are happy to take any clothes regardless of the state as they also recycle them on as rags. . . hope tbhis helps

PavlovtheCat Mon 14-May-07 20:40:15

oh age concern! Excellent idea, thats the kind of thing I want! I did not know the recycling boxes took them?! Not that we have boxes, we have stupid 'bags'. I will see if they take it then...!

notasheep Sat 04-Aug-07 13:47:20

I have a black bin liner on the go all the time for clothes that could not be handed down-when full it goes to Barnardoes-they then get the cash and the rags are recycled

lailasmum Sat 04-Aug-07 14:21:30

I have made old t shirts and sweatshirts into nappies. Cleaning cloths is also a good one.

policywonk Sat 04-Aug-07 14:27:55

I posted a query like this recently and was advised to take them to a clothing bank - they can make use of completely dilapidated clothes for rags, apparently. (If this is wrong, you can blame Hallgerda.

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