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UK version of Cowspiracy?

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BlindAssassin1 Tue 27-Sep-16 10:55:32

I'm just coming to the end of the Vegan Society's 30 day pledge and am doing ok making the transition to plant-based diet.

I watched Cowspiracy last night and while I think its excellent and confirmed my intention to stick at veganism, a lot of the info and statistics were USA based, especially regarding lobbying groups and the law. Does anyone know of any books, documentaries etc where I could get some UK based information?

TIA smile

Judester24 Thu 06-Oct-16 06:34:44

Hi, really glad you've transitioned into veganism. I bet you're feeling great.
If you're looking for statistics and other info, try the animal aid or vegan society websites. I don't know about any documentaries or films that are British made about this.
Is there any specific info you're looking for as I may be able to help.
If you're near London, you might be interested in coming to veg fest which is in 2 weeks.

BlindAssassin1 Fri 07-Oct-16 14:19:54

Thanks Judestar24. I do feel much better. My eczema of nearly 5 years has almost gone. Plus my conscious is clear too. smile

I was trying to find stuff about the links between agribusiness and government. I see there's stories in the press surfacing about EU subsidies and farming.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I literally know of one person who was vegan for a short time before having to give it up - and that was only a collegue's husband. Its a bit isolating living in the farming community in the south west! Though I did stumble on a new vegan café in my local town, the food was lovely.

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