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ethical/green clothing - where to buy that doesn't cost a fortune!!!

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lunavix Fri 19-May-06 14:01:11

Questions in the title really, as we're moving into more organic foods and cleaning products, I've been thinking about our clothes but everything I've seen's just so expensive.... any ideas?

motherinferior Fri 19-May-06 14:03:32

Gossypium and People Tree are worth checking out; Greenfibres and Spirit of Nature have suprising moments among the worthines. It's not going to be as cheap as sweatshop produced clothing, sadly.

Hug is also worth looking at, and Howies.

honeyflower Fri 19-May-06 14:48:16

Gossypium and PeopleTree often have good reductions in the sales. But as well as seeking out clothes produced in ethically and environmentally responsible ways, buying 2nd-hand 'ordinary' clothes is a good alternative to buying new - demand reduction is a key aspect of making a difference environmentally, and one that doesn't get much attention.

I get loads of my clothes from ebay - lots of Jigsaw, Coast etc, all in good condition, and I've rarely spent more than £10 on any one item

FillyjonktheSnibbet Sat 20-May-06 00:37:27

howies have good sales.

but their sizing is very much aimed at couch potato men and skinny attractive 16 yo women imo. Have written them several pissed off emails on this subject. (size 16 is more like a 12)

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