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MrsLeclerc Mon 21-Dec-20 10:29:54

I ordered some toy play sets at the end of November. Had the email to say they’d been dispatched but the tracking info just said awaiting dispatch for about 10 days.

I web chatted with the company and they said it looked like the couriers never received the box at all so she’d send it priority delivery. It arrived 2 days later.

However, a few days later a parcel turned up and DH accepted it. Opened it up and it was the “missing” original parcel. I immediately called them and explained they’d sent it again in error and asked what to do. The man was very dismissive and asked me to return it via post office. The box is huge (sofa arm height, 1 meter wide and pretty long) so I said there’s no way I’d get that to the post office. He arranged a courier pick up instead.

However, the courier hasn’t turned up on the day arranged. The box is taking up half my living room and I have nowhere to put it other than a very damp shed. I’m in Wales so not sure if a collection is going to be possible or available now before Christmas. I’m going to chase them again today but...

If I leave it in our room we’re going to spend Christmas literally moving around it as it’s so big and DS aged 2 is attempting to climb/draw on it at every opportunity. If it goes in the damp shed for however long before they come and get it and it’s damaged, will I be liable?

I have no idea what to do with it and would appreciate the advice!

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SpamIAm Mon 21-Dec-20 11:03:19

Can you tape it up in a couple of bin bags and put it in the shed?

starfishmummy Mon 21-Dec-20 11:14:03

Leave it in the living room, fling a throw over it and use it as a coffee table fgrin

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