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Money left in wills.

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millionsardines Fri 05-Apr-19 11:32:43

My mum is in a home now with dementia, and its very likely that when she passes away I will get something like £200,000 from the sale of her house, however only my brother visits her, I have always stayed away from my parents and never liked them, I left home when I was a teenager and told them I never wanted to see them again, though later on I did visit them a couple of times a year.

I will get the money and I'm going to buy a plot of woodland with it , a peaceful haven for weekends, but I feel I don't deserve it , I just wondered what people think , is it hypocritical to accept money from parents you never liked?

Soontobe60 Fri 05-Apr-19 11:35:36

Is your brother also getting the same amount?

shoofly Fri 05-Apr-19 11:36:12

Why are you so certain that you'll inherit anything? She may have left everything to our brother? Her home may be sold to pay for her care?

Fazackerley Fri 05-Apr-19 11:36:58

how are you paying for the home? You may have to sell the house to pay the fees.

Fazackerley Fri 05-Apr-19 11:37:53

Have you seen the will?

I don't get on with my parents either but I will take any inheritance happily as it will benefit my own dcs.

lunar1 Fri 05-Apr-19 11:47:31

So much of my life was blighted by my dad until he cut me off at 17. If by any chance I'm in his will (I won't be) I'd spend every penny and never feel a shred of guilt.

The asshole owes me some happy memories somewhere along the way.

keepingspiritsup Sat 06-Apr-19 06:16:48

Yes it's hypocritical especially since it's such a large sum of money and I'm sure your brother feels particularly aggrieved that you will receive it - can't have everything in life - purposefully no contact with family but expect to benefit from what they have earned largely over the period you haven't bothered with them

FinallyHere Mon 29-Jul-19 14:57:19

Is the £200k that you expect to inherit in any way protected from the funding required for care fee homes. Just sayin?

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