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Retraining after 6yrs Career break

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3oysmum Thu 29-Oct-09 20:16:29

Could do with with some advice. Ended as a SAHM 6 yrs ago after DS2 was born prematurely. Though very much unplanned have enjoyed the time we have shared, moreso DS2 has had the needed attention and developed very well.
But now beginning to feel it is time for me to move on now that DS2 is in Yr1.
I have an Eng degree and worked in IT(programmer) prior to the break. I.T. being what it is, has so evolved, finding it a bit tough to get back.
If I should take a MSc, where would I stand? Graduate trainee? Would not mind but think being 36yrs might work against me.
Really would like a proper career now that kids are of age.
Now entertaining the idea of retraining as a Accountant. I love numbers and looked into AACA!! Any chance for me? Or is it too late as well?

ITgirl Mon 02-Nov-09 14:30:02

If you are interested in getting back into IT then here are a couple of links that might help:

The University of Westminster used to do a women returning to IT course, I'm not sure if they still do. Some employers have a return to work program:

If you live near/in a city then there are employers crying out for well-rounded people with IT skills wink especially public sector roles like local authorities and universities. They seem to struggle to get good quality applicants. Unemployment in IT is much higher than a couple of years ago so it is a more difficult time to look but things will improve.

I can't really comment about accountancy except that I would have thought that you would face years of study for a qualification, whereas you could return to IT and earn more immediately.

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