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Manager wishes to set up subgroups and put me under someone new, unproven, and similar grade - should I just smile sweetly and agree?

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mylovelymonster Tue 27-Oct-09 15:40:01

Long story really - work for large co. which bought smaller co. People of smaller co given/promised incentives to stay including high grading. One in particular has changed sites and has certain very useful experience in field but is a s yet unproven, and as far as I know has no previous line-management experience. Also no family committments.....
I have more experience, but have just gone on second Mat leave. Current manager (of just 6 months) wishes to subdivde group to streamline and wishes to put me under line of this person (two others, one as senior, on secondment, and one junior). Now, I've always been used to being managed by someone much more senior as there is confidentiality, personal development and bonus/salary reviews and performance to consider. The salary ranges overlap to a large extent and this person may find they earn less/around the same/or maybe a bit more, but what would be their incentive to promote me to same grade? (I want to refocus on being upgraded when I return from Mat leave, but now am uncertain if I'll get the opportunity, the way things are going). I feel that I'm seen as a safe pair of hands (a doer) and not leadership material (which is fine), but also feel at a huge disadvantage due to my age and the life stage I'm at, creating my family. I like this person but really don't see them as manager material - not yet anyway - not of people of equivalent experience. Just doesn't feel right.

It is a suggestion at present, but I feel it's a) better to just agree and be seen to support new organisation to the hilt
b) not make waves as I could be next on the list for potential redundancies in a few years (there have been a lot recently)
c) let's face it decision has already been made
d) possibly also a device simply to get this other person up to the next grade

Sorry this is long, but am just feeling so disappointed and as though I'm being pushed into a career cul-de-sac. I think a bit of venting on here is all I'll get the opportunity to do....

morleylass Tue 27-Oct-09 23:27:03

I understand how you feel but don't see that you can really do that much about it if the decision has been made.
Are you actually interested in doing the role yourself, or does it just bother you that your potential manager is less senior? If you do fancy the job does your manager know this, your manager may think that as you are going on ML you won't be thinking of promotion at this time. If there are several people interested then perhaps they will go through a recruitment process to promote the most able.
If it is just that the person doesn't have the management experience then I don't see what you can do about this as every manager has to start somewhere and they could be a really good manager in time.
Good Luck

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