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Pregnant but no risk assessment

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ladyofshallots Fri 10-Jul-09 16:35:39

Am 24 weeks pregnant and feeling a bit ignored at work. Am a teacher, but still doing break and lunch duty(in an area where boys play football)and have no classroom. Have been told I will have a risk assessment, but this was a month ago and not heard back yet.

In September I am timetabled to be teaching in different classrooms around the school although I will be heavily pregnant by then and having to go up and down stairs carrying books. I will also be in the corridor with pupils pushing and shoving on the way to lessons.

I raised this issue and was told that my head of department had been asked to ensure equal distribution of classrooms, but have not found out if anything has been done yet. I will be full time and working up to my due date.

flowerybeanbag Fri 10-Jul-09 19:59:53

You need to chase whoever is responsible for the risk assessment at your school - I expect there is a health and safety person who does it or similar. Chase them as a first port of call and find out what the delay is.

I do think you may need to be prepared to manage your expectations a bit about what they may recommend. It's difficult to see going up and down stairs and walking in corridors as much of a health and safety risk for example. The playing football near you might be easier to adjust and more of a risk.

Obviously things may change as your pregnancy continues in terms of your own condition and the circumstances around you. Get the RA done as soon as possible, but bear in mind that it will need reviewing and possibly amending later on, perhaps book in appointments with the H&S person to ensure this is done.

Kafka Sat 11-Jul-09 04:06:33

It is virtually the end of term but how about doing your own risk assessment to get the ball rolling? Have a look at the HSE's website as this is a good starting point.

On another note, had you thought of taking your maternity leave early - say from the start of next term?

Quite a lot of teachers who had babies when I did timed their return to coincide with the start of the holidays, i.e. you could return at the end of the summer term next year, benefit from the summer holidays and return at the start of the academic year.

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