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Job interview check required !

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linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 13:33:14

I have just been for a job interview for a senior management position within a large supermarket chain. Everything went swimmingly well and it was in the bag until we got to the end and they told me that for all senior positions they undertake credit checks and a job offer would depend on the outcome.

Has anyone any idea what would stop me getting the job ? I am worried as I have been in some financial difficulty in the past !


skramble Thu 12-Mar-09 13:34:35

Never been publicly told they do credit checks but I suspect they can do this too easily. Don't know what would be a factor in not giving you the job though,

OhBling Thu 12-Mar-09 13:43:35

To fail the credit check you have to have more than just a few financial difficulties. I think if you've been declared bankrupt or have some kind of judgement against you or have defaulted massively on some kind of credit and even then I think they'll come back to you and ask you to explain and then decide. My understanding is that it's because they need to check that you've never been accused of fraud or that you don't have financial things in your past that could cause you to be blackmailed or tempted or whatever.

A few credit cards and a big loan won't show up. but if you've been ignoring the piles of red envelopes dropping through the door for three years, it might.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 13:44:57

I suppose that someone with a poor credit rating could be classed as a security risk if they are able to have keys to the store and access to the cash.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 13:47:24

I am a discharged bankrupt ! so think that could be classed as a major black spot on my credit file.

OhBling Thu 12-Mar-09 13:53:32

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what that means? You were bankrupt but are back on track now? Do you have any credit now that you are happily and successfuly paying off? These things are a numbers game - so every time you are late paying your crdit card bill you get a mark against you but when you are paying your mortgage just fine you get a positive mark (very simplistic).

If you "fail" the credit check, I think you can ask HR about it and discuss it with them. Possibly an HR bod can answer better. Good luck!

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 14:01:00

It means that I have been discharged from any responsability to paying back the creditors and that the debts have been written off.

I do have a small loan that I have a good credit history with.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 14:21:14

Just found this.
t is a legal requirement that anyone wishing to work in financial services is credit checked as part of the recruitment process, and this practice is now creeping out to other jobs and professions. So if you are looking for a job, it’s best to be aware of what information is held about you at the credit reference agencies, before you apply.

Employers are only able to view your public credit report – which is basically a combination of your Electoral Roll status and a search of the insolvency and judgment registers. Employers are not permitted to see your payment history, as the small print in credit applications does not contain a clause that gives your consent for your data to be used for this purpose. Only the 200 or so largest lenders are able to see that part of the information stored about you at the credit reference agencies.

The bankrupcy will no longer appear on the insolvency register as its been longer than 3 months since my discharge so I think I may be in the clear. Yay grin

flowerybeanbag Thu 12-Mar-09 14:43:34

linnie I've never worked for or advised an employer that did credit checks as part of it's standard recruitment procedure, and don't know whether it's standard practice in supermarket chains.

Before you take the stuff you just found as gospel could you tell me where you found it/link to it so I can have a look?

JazzHands Thu 12-Mar-09 15:03:55

I worked in financial services for donkeys years at different companies and no-on ever said they were going to do a credit check. It would be a bit off to do it behind your back surely?

Are you sure it's not just people who will be handling/access to cash in financial services?

OhBling Thu 12-Mar-09 15:09:18

I have worked at two banks and both definitely do a credit check and make it clear if I fail the check I won't be allowed to work here.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 15:14:02

It was clearly stated that all senior management have to have a credit check and I had to sign to allow them to do one, They also check all cash office staff.

JazzHands Thu 12-Mar-09 15:49:14

I am staggered - can companies really run credit checks without telling you that they are going to do so? That just amazes me... Appalling.

Although they don't really define what they mean by "financial services"... To me this would include everyone working for any company in the finacial sector eg every single person working in call centre for home or car insurance etc etc. If that is the case it is really unbeliveable, they should have to tell you if they are doing that.

JazzHands Thu 12-Mar-09 15:53:03

looks like they can

bloody hell.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 16:30:02

I am now confused as one site says they can only see certain data and the other says everything !

JazzHands Thu 12-Mar-09 17:56:55

Did you have to sign something to say they could linnie? That might say on it exactly what they look at...

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 18:51:14

It just said that every member of senior management would be subject to a credit check and yes I signed to say that they could, if I refused then a job offer would not be made.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 18:59:01

I had a copy of the application form that I had to fill in, this is the section regarding the checks.

If I take up employment I understand it may be necessary for security purposes for
Morrisons to carry out a credit reference check on Senior and Duty Management, all Cash
Office employees, Warehouse, Petrol and Pharmacy Management, Checkout Manager and
Security and Central Salaried Personnel.
Please tick here if you have any objection to such a check being undertaken.
It must be understood that for certain jobs, a refusal may preclude an offer of
employment being made.
At any time after employment has commenced the Company may require the provision of
a Subject Access Report for certain positions. Failure to provide this document or if the
Subject Access Report is deemed to be unacceptable we reserve the right to terminate
your employment. It is the Company’s sole right to determine if the information provided
is unacceptable.
Please tick here if you have any objections about obtaining this report.

HappyMummyOfOne Thu 12-Mar-09 19:04:39

Bankruptcy will show on your credit file for 6 years after the date of the bankruptcy order.

Milliways Thu 12-Mar-09 19:14:42

The Bankruptcy MAY remain on your history for up to 10 years from date of discharge, but you can apply to get it removed after 6 years.

This is cut from the Experian Website (one of the main Cresit check companies)
"A bankruptcy order will appear on your credit report for a minimum of six years from the date of bankruptcy and longer if the bankruptcy lasts more than six years. During the period of bankruptcy, a number of restrictions apply"

flowerybeanbag Thu 12-Mar-09 19:18:53

I think the article jazzhands linked to is scary and can't surely be legal if it's saying companies are able to do this without permission. Might be a case of someone needing to challenge it though.

linnie I think the key is that you have signed to give them permission, so they can do a check on you. However for something like this I would guess it would only be the public credit report they'd look at, rather than a hugely detailed check going back years.

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 19:31:06

The public insolvency register only shows bankrupts for up to 3 months after discharge I know that it remains on the credit file for longer, I have read that an employer can not refuse employment because of bankruptcy alone.
and if I am refused employment because of my credit check then they must state the reasons behind their decision.

I am one of the lucky ones as I do already have a very good job and it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get it, it's just a role that I really wanted to do.

JazzHands Thu 12-Mar-09 19:42:11

Sorry to say all you can do is wait and see linnie sad

Let us know how you get on...

Flowery it is scary isn't it. Just seems to be odd things going on with this as I have worked for 4 different companies in financial services and not one of them has mentioned a credit check.

So either they were doing it without telling me (or anyone else - I never heard it mentioned by anyone and it's the sort of thing people would talk about), or the link saying it was the law for all financial services employees must be wrong...

JazzHands Thu 12-Mar-09 19:43:37

Linnie you could take up one of those "trial period" credit reference trials and get a copy yourself and see what it looks like?

linniewith3 Thu 12-Mar-09 20:23:33

Unfortunately JazzHands you need a debit or credit card to view it and due to the bankruptcy I can only hold an electron card I did infact try that earlier (great minds and all that!)

Thanks to you all for your replies I will keep you posted, This is going to be a very long three weeks.

Linnie x

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