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How do I tell a not very sympathetic boss I am pregnant (last time I was a disappointment!)?

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TreeHuggerMum1 Thu 23-Oct-08 07:48:35

I am 13 weeks pregnant and dreading telling my boss.
I have a son who is 3 next month and they weren't very nice last time.
I was demoted and had my company benefits (comp car, mocile, expenses etc) removed (I know this is not legal but if I fought I'd be out of a job for good...).
anyway, here we are again and I am dreading it.
Is email acceptable?
Any tips or words of wisdom greatly received.
PS I have had 2 scans already and another booked for next week and there are only so many dental appt's I can blag in a short space fo time surely...

umberellascankill Thu 23-Oct-08 08:09:58

CAB - they are not allowed to treat you like this because you are a mother.

bamboostalks Thu 23-Oct-08 08:26:26

Well you have already laid down and rolled over on most issues, so short of sacking you this time (presume you would fight that one)then what are you scared of? He is an arsehole, you seem to have accepted that. I would pop my head around the door and say, "I'll be off next Wed for my next scan as I am 3 months pregnant. Will give you more details when I know them."

flowerybeanbag Thu 23-Oct-08 09:04:10

Would your boss really be completely so unconcerned to receive a sex discrimination claim on his desk that he'd happily sack you for doing so?

Other than that, what bamboo said. If you're prepared to take what you've already had without fighting, for whatever your (very good I'm sure) reasons are, then just tell him. I personally think it's only courteous to tell your boss face to face if possible - I'm not sure his reaction would be any better if you do it by email and presumably you'll have to see him at some point?

Tortington Thu 23-Oct-08 09:05:27

stand up for yourself. ge a union on yourside

LoveBeingAMummy Thu 23-Oct-08 21:29:25

Who cares what they think - I wasn't looking forward to telling my boss (who in my final A&D told me she thought I had gotten pregnant as decided not to persue a change of career to HR!!!!) and I said I wasn't going back til she left and guess what she's gone so cross your fingers look forward to your scans and then your new baby and pray he leaves before you go back.

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