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will i be in big trouble if....................

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shoptilidrop Sun 07-Sep-08 08:38:08

Ive handed my notice in at work due to house move, ( forces ) Moving date has been moved forward by a week ( totally out of my control) I now will be unable to work my last 2 days. I do not having any holiday owing.. ( in fact have worked extra to make some up as i had taken more than i had accured)
What do i tell boss?
When do i tell them?
What will be the consequence?
Im also only part time, so it equates to 8.5 hours.

flowerybeanbag Sun 07-Sep-08 09:30:00

You tell your boss as soon as possible. You tell them exactly what you've said here.

Not working your notice period is technically a breach of contract but there would be no point them taking any legal action against you as the impact on them is minimal. Your worst case scenario is that it might affect your reference but I doubt it. You have very good reason for what you are doing and most managers would understand.

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