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Elliepme Wed 13-Jan-21 01:46:04

My team leader has a target on me.
I recently had my appraisal at work and she’s wrote up that I haven’t taken ownership of her jobs when she’s not around. I’ve done all the jobs around the place that needed doing or handed to me but how do I know to do a job that’s not one I would normally do. She continues to say I have done a good job taking ownership of one job but then slates me for not doing other things but hasn’t mentioned what I haven’t done. I’ve had issues in the past with her pulling me for things that weren’t even wrong or wasn’t my job or responsibility. What I would like advice on is how I make follow up reply to this? Do I list every job I’ve done around the place dates and times (I log everything I do these days) and mention about jobs I’ve done that was the work she should have done and more than likely took credit for. I don’t want to go in guns blazing but I want to make it clear I’ve worked hard and haven’t shirked any job off.

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Toilenstripes Wed 13-Jan-21 02:05:04

Perhaps you could request a meeting and present your job description along side hers and then suggest ways you could meet her expectations.

Elliepme Wed 13-Jan-21 03:12:54

Unfortunately my manager thinks the sun shines out of her arse and when I complained last time she laughed in my face and asked if I was upset because I had been asked to do a job and hadn’t done it. Luckily I have it in email two others had to do same job which I did my bit and passed on when I knew i couldn’t complete it as I wasn’t even at work. It was a small job which the others could have finished in a afternoon but one of them preferred to sit a watch films on her phone, only I got pulled up on this even though I wasn’t in work to complete it. I do like yr idea of job descriptions that I’m sure I could word something into my reply thank you.x

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Elliepme Wed 13-Jan-21 03:14:25

Oh sorry you mean with her not my manager? X

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