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dottiedaisee Sat 02-Jan-21 22:34:51

I work in a place where we have regular Covid teats . Long story short 20 have tested positive staff wise!! Am trying to work out what our boss should pay us ? .SSP just doesn’t seem morally right We got this virus because of our job!! Can anyone who understands human rights help me please.X

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LouiseTrees Sat 02-Jan-21 23:00:09

Are you on low income like pretty much minimum wage?

BaronessVonCake Sat 02-Jan-21 23:05:19

You'd get statutory sick pay or enhanced sick pay if your contract of employment or company sickness policy provides it.

TarnishedSilver Sat 02-Jan-21 23:12:25

I thought there was an extra Covid payment provided by the Government for staff who only received SSP.

dottiedaisee Sat 02-Jan-21 23:27:43

No I personally am not on minimum wage .I am a registered nurse. I work with people who have worked their arses off and lived in to keep the residents safe and happy. It is surely morally wrong that we get SSP when the owners are not paying any sick time....think about what they are saving!! It’s shocking and so wrong 😑

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dottiedaisee Sat 02-Jan-21 23:30:11

The carers only get the extra payment if they are claiming’s so wrong!!

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flowery Sun 03-Jan-21 00:42:54

It would simply not be viable for the government to force employers who don’t normally offer enhanced sick pay to do so if staff are unwell because of Covid.

If your employer isn’t protecting your health and safety there are potentially other claims. But you can’t force them to pay you extra sick pay.

sheworkshardforthemoney Sun 03-Jan-21 01:06:36

If I'm off from child bubble burst I get no money

SSP if I'm positive

vanillandhoney Sun 03-Jan-21 08:17:53

Human rights have nothing to do with sick pay.

Your contract is to pay you SSP so that's what you get. The reason for you being unwell isn't related to what you get paid for being off sick.

If you don't feel your workplace is COVID secure then of course bring it up, but it won't mean you get paid any extra for being off sick.

Itsnotlikethiswithotherpeople Sun 03-Jan-21 08:20:08

Legally your employer can do this. But you might want to see if unison or another union could help. If all the staff join they will have some collective bargaining power.

userxx Sun 03-Jan-21 08:24:15


The carers only get the extra payment if they are claiming’s so wrong!!

Agree, the £500 payment should be made to everyone receiving ssp.

Elmo230885 Sun 03-Jan-21 08:25:19

What I found when I was organising some mass testing for where I work is that some staff refused testing their reasoning being that they didn't want to be off work as they relied on overtime which obviously wouldn't be paid if they had to be off.
I was extremely torn about this as on one hand my thought were with the people we support but on the other hand the staff have families to support and aren't in great money.
I do think employers have a duty of care for their employees but also they also have limited money.
I don't think there are any clear cut answers.

user1487194234 Sun 03-Jan-21 10:22:28

Unfortunately unless your contract says otherwise it's SSP

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