Zero hours contract to avoid redundancy pay?

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ThankyouPeter Sat 01-Aug-20 13:56:36

Hi, my husband will either be made redundant or can move to a zero hours contract doing the same job. Am I right in thinking that if he agrees to the zero hours he won't get his redundancy pay and has effectively voluntarily changed his contract terms?

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flowery Sat 01-Aug-20 15:49:53

Yes, if his employment continues with his hours changing to zero/completely flexible, he is not entitled to redundancy pay.

If his employment ends and he accepts a contract to become a casual worker, he would still be entitled to redundancy pay.

If his employer are offering this option, he should check the contract they are offering, including whether employment will continue.

Elisheva Sat 01-Aug-20 15:55:10

You might want to seek further advice about this. If his post is being made redundant then he cannot then continue doing the same job on a zero hours contract.

ThankyouPeter Sat 01-Aug-20 16:42:58

Thanks very much for your replies. We will definitely need to look in to both those issues. He has a meeting next week so will make sure he gets the answers. Thanks again

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