To leave or to half leave?

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MidsomerMum Wed 05-Feb-20 10:14:40

I need to leave my job. Full time doesn’t work for my health issues (I was previously self-employed doing crazy hours but could do them around my physical and mental health needs) and I’m stuck in a cycle of signed off, going back and getting ill again. I just didn’t think that a 9-5 would have the impact it is having on me, that’s my error and now I want to be as fair to everyone as possible.

I also don’t want to leave work up shit creek. Would it be weird to say, I’m leaving and am unavailable for full time from x date (ie my notice period), however to ease the impact on my department, I would be available for x days for three months to allow a transition period. Is this in anyway normal or reasonable?

I have wondered about just asking for a change to contract for part time but ultimately, I think the company is not a long term good fit for me and through therapy, I’ve had a few realisations recently about what I need to do to be the healthiest possible version of me.

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Stabbitha1 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:48:42

Are you really that instrumental to work to afford offering this faux generousity?

Pilot12 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:56:08

Why don't you just resign and they'll find a replacement, nobody is indispensable these days.

MidsomerMum Wed 05-Feb-20 20:46:12

It’s definitely not supposed to be faux generosity! Would be mortified if it was seen that way but it is an interesting perspective, so thank you.

My team should have 7 people and currently has 3 (including manager). That’s a management fault/recruitment problem, not mine, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of ‘now, you can’t leave’ comments (we lost team members in August, October and two in January, none of whom have been replaced despite interviews) from staff AND visitors in the office.

And I know I can leave, I just wanted to know if offering a transition was a thing. Definitely won’t do it if it gives that kind of impression though.

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