Saturday Estate Agent - Anyone have any experience of this please?!

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ameliethree Sat 25-Jan-20 06:40:50

I’ve got the opportunity to work Saturdays in a local estate agents - I haven’t worked properly for many years as my youngest has had medical issues. I’m really excited to try something new just for me, - the job involves Saturday viewings and general meet and greet/admin - I live and breathe property and know the local market really well. I know there’ll be challenges as you meet all sorts of people with different expectations/time management issues/ keys not working/alarms going off and part of me is terrified - I’m in my early fifties and have zero confidence having been at home for so long. Just wondered if anyone has experience of the job and whether they loved/hated it!
Thanks all.

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MaxPaddyandHarry Sat 25-Jan-20 06:49:59

I have never been an estate agent, but the man who did Saturday viewings for our Estate Agent was older than you (late 60s probably) and he was the best they sent. He loved matching people with properties and could find good things about every property. Like you, he knew the local market well. I think if you take trouble to get to know the client and their property, and can point out the advantages to potential buyers you will be good at the job.
Good luck. 🏡

HelloDulling Sat 25-Jan-20 06:52:06

I would LOVE this job. You’ll be fabulous, OP. Enjoy your time away from the home, meeting lots of people and looking at houses.

Buddywoo Sat 25-Jan-20 07:22:06

I was an EA for 30 years and ran a large branch for 10 of those years. Weekend staff that are actually interested in the job are like gold dust. I am sure you will make a success of it and enjoy it. I found that a lot of customers prefer someone a bit older more, they feel they are more experienced and trustworthy. They systems may feel a bit strange at first and of course you will make mistakes, but you will get there. Enjoy.

ameliethree Sat 25-Jan-20 07:59:09

Thanks for the feedback, and encouragement 😃, very much appreciated.

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Marchitectmummy Sat 25-Jan-20 08:06:49

Yep I did as a student, I loved it and actually carried on beyond studying. It's a varied role, lots of interaction etc.

Depends what the agent wants you to do but I would go out on viewings, arrange viewings, take photos, make the description sheets take measurements and probably lots of other things I've forgotten!

strictlymomdancing Sat 25-Jan-20 08:51:28

I don't know how it is in England but in Scotland the EA agrees the viewing with the owner and the viewer and the owner takes them around the house.

MaxPaddyandHarry Sat 25-Jan-20 10:50:21

Accompanied viewing by the estate agent is very common in England.

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