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Changes to job whilst on maternity leave

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Twinklemegan Wed 22-Aug-07 23:19:17

I'm interested in others' views on this one. I'm about to have an exit interview from my job and I'd like to throw a new iron into the fire to put the wind up them, if appropriate.

You know how the sex discrimation legislation says that a woman should be able to return from ordinary maternity leave to the same job on the same pay? Well I've always assumed that this refers to her not being downgraded and/or having her pay cut.

Well what about a situation where the section was restructured and her boss got rid of, leaving her two people's jobs to do on the same pay as before? (This was followed by a pay cut would you believe, but that's not strictly relevant in this context as was after I returned).

Any opinions. Could I throw this at them to scare them?

RibenaBerry Thu 23-Aug-07 09:37:28

How long ago did these incidents happen?

Although there is a right to return to the same job, if there has been a restructuring whilst you are off, that can be a reason for you coming back to a slightly different job.

Twinklemegan Thu 23-Aug-07 21:24:36

These things happened around 8 months ago. I'm leaving because the pay cut, which was implemented 2 months after I returned, has yet to be resolved 6 months down the line, despite management support. I'm sick and tired of the whole bloody organisation.

The thing is that the three people who came off worst through the restructuring and "pay and reward" process were all new mothers, and I'd kind of like to make a point of that. I've no intention of taking any action, or anything like that. But my feeling is that the situation could be read as follows:

Money needs saving. Could cut my job, or my boss's. I earn less, so it's cheaper to keep me. Plus I'm returning from maternity leave, keen to prove myself, not wanting to seem like I can't do the job now I have a baby. What an opportunity to get even more out of me on the same money? Like I said then job evaluation kicked in and things really went belly up with a mahoosive pay cut, but that's another issue really.

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