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JessieDeFrog Mon 04-Nov-19 13:04:10


I see some of the good people at MN are campaigning hard to get more companies to publish their maternity policy but I was wondering is there anywhere, like a database where I can find UK companies maternity policies?
I work for a telecoms company and am due to go on mat leave at Christmas. My companies Mat Policy is the legal minimum but I want to challenge this - if I could arm myself with some info on our competitors, maybe I would have a snowballs chance in hell of making changes. I know that it probably won't happen in time for me, but it still needs to be done!
I love my job and although I can't wait for the arrival of my little one, I am actually a little sad to have to hand over my work to someone else. This isn't helped by my pending financial pain over the next few months - beans on toast and credit cards for the next nine months sad
Any ideas would be appreciated.


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mumofbun Fri 08-Nov-19 16:03:35

I guess there is no database otherwise people wouldn't be campaigning to make more companies publish them. From threads i've read, a lot of places do the legal minimum and then some can be very generous. I work for a university and will get 16 weeks full pay and then 23 statutory. I've worked out an amount we have to save extra a month to cover the time i'm not on full pay. It will be hard but hopefully we will have something saved to make life a bit easier.

HarrietM87 Fri 08-Nov-19 16:09:31

Law firm here, 6 months full pay plus 3 months statutory.

fatulousatforty Fri 08-Nov-19 16:13:18

The legal minimum.
It is what it is and i saved accordingly and only took 16 weeks.( my Dds are adult now)

MarshmallowsOnToast Fri 08-Nov-19 16:20:41

Manufacturing industry & legal minimum here.

I am just saving up what I will lose by being on maternity so we can carry on living similar to what we are now.

As soon as I started TTC I started a savings pot.

bluebury Fri 08-Nov-19 16:24:19

Medium sized tech start up.
Also legal minimum.

firsttimebuyer20 Fri 08-Nov-19 16:53:26

Independent retailer - legal minimum.

NeedAnExpert Fri 08-Nov-19 16:56:49

I work for a telecoms company and am due to go on mat leave at Christmas. My companies Mat Policy is the legal minimum but I want to challenge this

Why have you waited until now?!

GinUnicorn Fri 08-Nov-19 17:01:45

Legal minimum - private healthcare company in London

Comps83 Fri 08-Nov-19 17:02:34

Utility -water
6 months full pay followed by 3 months smp

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 08-Nov-19 17:13:03

What on earth can you challenge it with?! Many companies go with the standard legal requirement. Many don’t.
And no, of course there isn’t a database of where all firms have their benefits listed!

Alarae Fri 08-Nov-19 18:00:24

Statutory plus 25% gross salary top up (spread throughout maternity leave period as desired up to 100% salary per week)

BrokenWing Sat 09-Nov-19 15:29:31

52 weeks parental leave with first 26 weeks fully paid for women AND men.

Was nothing like that when I had ds(15)!

Lauren83 Sat 09-Nov-19 15:30:52

Private healthcare (Infertility) legal minimum

JessieDeFrog Thu 14-Nov-19 22:54:37

Wow. Thank you everyone. This is really helpful. It's such a shame so many pple are on the legal minimum. So much for supporting in work life balance.

@TheHodgeoftheHedge If you don't challenge you don't get. I intend to point out that my companies main competitors actually promote themselves on their efforts to achieve equality through supportive policies.

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TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 15-Nov-19 10:15:42

Well I wish you luck with it OP.
Perhaps I am too cynical and literal about these things, because you obviously don't have legal leg to stand on and in this current climate, I cannot see many companies wanting to spend a penny more on anything they don't have to. But if you feel yours can be shamed into it without doing any damage to your career, then go for it!

Wishforsnow Fri 15-Nov-19 10:20:21

Telecoms company 9 months full pay, 3 months at 50% and £2K welcome back bonus which if you leave within 6 months you would have to pay back which is fair. Looking at some of these it's really good

Wishforsnow Fri 15-Nov-19 10:23:05

Just noticed you are in telecoms. Look at the maternity policy for Ericsson, 3, MBNL that I am sure have enhanced maternity pay

OlderthenYoungerNow Fri 15-Nov-19 10:26:05

There is literally nothing in this for the company. Why would they just give your more money voluntarily now you are already pregnant and a month before you go off? This isn't a decision that one person can make in isolation. It'll need to be costed, put to the board, considered, ratified, policies drawn up. You'll be back by the time they've put it on the agenda!

pooopypants Fri 15-Nov-19 10:30:19

I also don't understand how you intend to challenge this policy? Its company policy. They're abiding to the law and doing what they need to. They do not have to provide more than the law states. You sound incredibly entitled to think that by you kicking up a fuss, they'll offer you more.

And I also worked for 2 different Telecoms providers, one was marginally better than the other but it's very clear when you're offered and accept a job and contract.

You've also left it way too late IMO, surely the right thing to do would be to 'challenge it' before you were pregnant?

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