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Corporate in house legal secretary interview - tips?

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TheCatThatDanced Fri 12-Jul-19 09:47:28

So I unexpectedly got an interview next week with a huge multinational company as a legal secretary, I applied but wasn't sure I'd get an interview and it's an in house role, I've been a legal sec for the past 7 years.

My last few interviews have been with a law firm (traditional but prestigious), and 2 companies - both corporate, 1 in house legal sec at a multi national, 1 as an EA with a local company - I declined to go further with the more 'local' one as I wasn't sure it was for me, location wise etc.

Anyway, spoke to the in house recruiter who said it will be STAR based which I'm used to but does anyone have any tips? They will ring me on Monday to prep me anyway.

Oh and what to wear? for the last 2 interviews have worn smart navy work dresses with smart navy work jacket but have also got black work dress and black work dresses - Hobbs etc. I think but not sure that my last look (long hair tied back, black tighter fitting (knee length) work dress was maybe a bit too, I don't know, maybe not as approachable as the navy outfits which are professional but 'more approachable' if that makes sense.

Any tips would help me please!

daisychain01 Sat 13-Jul-19 07:36:56

If you're already familiar with STAR what tips are you looking for?

I guess the secret is to spend time before the interview preparing some strong examples that could crop up. Focus on their role spec to identify their 'must have' capabilities and demonstrate actual examples of how you've achieved those same priority capabilities in your recent career history.

For a legal EA interview I'm not sure how wearing blue makes you more "approachable" than wearing black. Either outfit sounds smart for an interview and if you're good at your job and come across as competent and articulate, I doubt they'll make their hiring decision on navy versus black colour choice.

TheCatThatDanced Mon 15-Jul-19 14:50:40


Although I am familiar with STAR as it's a legal secretary position in house - so not within a law firm - I was wondering what other tips I could get. Since posting this I've seen a lot about their core values etc and I've also run through the interview in role play with a friend/neighbour which always helps me.

Thanks re outfit - I just think for me - recently - black can be a bit ageing - and since I got the navy it actually (for me) seems more sophisticated. I thought I could've come across as being 'sexy' rather than work smart in the black - but willing to agree that I may be oversensitive here.

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