Colleagues health detrimental to my own

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WheresTheEvidence Sat 01-Jun-19 13:12:15

I work in an industry where we are all trained and can do all positions. However we all have our roles but I generally work on a specific project however my team day to day can change depending on where else they are needed/rota-ed However I do have a few regular team members under me that I train, support and can leave to do the job in my abscence (I work a shift pattern so not 8-5 over 5 days)

Currently my project team consist of 5 people; and then person A.

Person A has worked for the company for a couple of years now but it is clear has mental health issues - has imaginings, talks like a conspiracy theorist about minute things that arent/haven't happened, has become argumentative to management and other team members, sabotaged work and is generally hard work in an office environment.

As a person who has suffered from depression, and supported my own family members through tremendous stress and mental health conditions, I know and understand the stress this person is under and want to help as I can.

However I am starting to notice that my shifts reflect Person As and management keep placing them under my lead.

I know this will sound awful but I am finding supporting A draining and feel that this is detrimental to not only my work (having to fix their mistakes, apologise for their behaviour set SMART targets constantly) but also to my own mental health.

Is there anything I can do without revealing my own past health condition?

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HappyHammy Sat 01-Jun-19 20:19:02

You could ask them if they are ok and do they want to see management or occy health if they are feeling stressed. If work dont know about your previous history they wont know you are strugglin and are asking for support. . Perhaps you could open up to your manager or occyhealth. You could raise a concern if you feel they are not able to do their job but be kind.

Mums1234 Sat 01-Jun-19 20:31:22

How approachable are your managers?

WheresTheEvidence Sat 01-Jun-19 21:57:20

HappyHammy I am not being unsympathetic. I make sure person A is supported during the day and ask them how they are etc but it is draining trying to do my job, their job, babysit them (for want of a better word) and obviously I hate that I resent this as I know they cant help it. But it is still so tiring.

Managers are semi approachable - had personal issues a while ago (hence my own stress) and they were accommodating for that but I dont want to a) sound awful when I raise concerns, b) raise concerns because I've already had my "share" of managerial support recently and feel I should take it on the chin.

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HappyHammy Sat 01-Jun-19 22:04:45

Of course its tiring. Do you think management might be trying to address the argumentative behaviour. Surely they must be aware of what's been going on and how its affecting morale.

daisychain01 Sat 01-Jun-19 22:08:50

It sounds like you are taking ownership of their behaviour, MH challenges, even their communication style. In short, that isn't your remit and by you taking all this on, It feels like youre boiling the oceans.

I'd back away in an understated way. If Person A needs specific support, signpost them rather than trying to resolve their problems for them. Obviously I'm generalising here because I dont have any of the finer detail.

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