Reference advice needed please

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ssd Sat 09-Mar-19 15:05:28

I've applied for a job and have an upcoming interview
They have asked for 2 references, one employment one personal
The personal one is fine, but I don't want to ask my present manager for a reference as I haven't told her I've started job hunting yet
Can I ask someone I worked with previously for a reference?

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LIZS Sat 09-Mar-19 15:06:41

They should only follow it up once you have been offered the job.

DonnaDarko Sat 09-Mar-19 15:07:13

In my experience, references are only usually sought after the interview. Can they not wait?

But, yes, as long as they have not specified it should come from.current employment, anyone you've worked for can be a reference

ssd Sat 09-Mar-19 15:07:30

I did ask someone I previously worked with and they said no problem but should i not ask my current manager? I just thought I shouldn't, not yet till I know if I'm being offered the job.

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melissasummerfield Sat 09-Mar-19 15:09:56

Just ask your prospective employee to not request the reference until you have had a job offer?

Most places dont ask for references before employment anyway, unless its part of a security check

ssd Sat 09-Mar-19 15:11:58

It's for a charity job, I think it said they can request references if they want.

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DeadCertain Sat 09-Mar-19 16:58:55

Ask HR that you are informed before they contact referees so that you can inform your manager in person that it will be happening.

ssd Sat 09-Mar-19 19:55:25

Will they contact my work before my interview?

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DeadCertain Sat 09-Mar-19 20:10:58

When they intend to contact your current place of work pre interview then you have to give your permission (that I have always seen anyway). Why not contact HR with your queries?

ssd Sat 09-Mar-19 20:22:35

Will do thanks

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