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WeakAsIAm Fri 07-Sep-18 14:19:07

Hi lovely MN need your advice urgently.
So I started a 2 yr course; 6 mnth ago.
It's training for a more senior role, I had to give up my existing job for it but all for same company.
The role I'm training for employed someone (Karen) already qualified to start this new venture a few months before I began training.
I've heard unofficially Karen has received notice of redundancy because the new venture isn't performing as predicted.
Don't think my training will be cut short but not sure I will have a job now. I know they will have to keep me employed but they could move me to somewhere completely different as my original job has been taken by someone else now.
My first reaction was speak to my direct line manager (nice but not very dynamic) who most likely will not know anything about it but will be honest with me about what they do know.
Speak to the manager overseeing new venture who will def know what going on but will probably lie to me and guaranteed won't tell me everything
Or say nothing and wait until someone comes to speak to me.
Normally I would go and ask, but I've had some family problems recently that had significant impacts on my work so don't really won't to stick my head above the parapet if at all possible.
Which is the least crazy lady approach ???

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flowery Fri 07-Sep-18 16:00:06

I would speak to your line manager, and explain your concerns. Just to warn you though, you are wrong to think they will 'have to' keep you employed. If there genuinely is no suitable job available for you, either that one or another one in the organisation, you'll be redundant.

Is your training funded by your employer and are there any restrictions on that funding/repayment required if you leave?

WeakAsIAm Fri 07-Sep-18 16:24:36

Hi thanks for the response.
Yes funded training and paid wages to by employer (same wage as previous job).
There is a clause about me leaving within 2 years of receiving training and paying back pro rata. But would think if they decide not to employ me rather than me deciding to leave this would be null?!!

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Lucy001 Fri 07-Sep-18 16:35:37

*But would think if they decide not to employ me rather than me deciding to leave this would be null?!!*

I wouldn't recommend assuming that. Unless that's what the contract says, there is no legal reason why it would not be enforceable.

flowery Fri 07-Sep-18 17:11:14

"But would think if they decide not to employ me rather than me deciding to leave this would be null?!!"

You are probably right. Check the clause wording though.

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