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How do you manage?

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Mummypower92 Tue 13-Mar-18 12:00:27

I'm finding it extremely difficult to find a job that are understanding.

I work part time (2 days a week) as I have a toddler who attends nursery while I'm at work. My partner works full time and does the dropping and picking up.

I have no family here, my partner has immediate family who all work full time and do shift work!

It's extremely difficult to find childcare!

My employers always ask if I can attend staff meetings out of my working hours or if I can do additional days even though I stated what I could do in my interview!

It's extremely frustrating when you give them the same answer every single freakin time and yet they still ask!

I feel like I am useless and a let down and a nause etc but I stated that I can only do the days my child is in nursery!!

I understand if you don't have a child you don't quite understand how you can't drop your child to do work!

Is everyone in the same boat? Or is it just me? sad

mumofthe21stcentury Tue 13-Mar-18 22:38:58


I'm a mum to a one year old. I've been back to work full time since DD turned 7 months. I have a full time life in nanny - that's how I manage...

I'm fortunate that my job pays well so I'm able to have more support and appreciate that everyone's situation is different.

Your employer is entitled to ask but you're also entitled to say no. You're doing your best so don't get frustrated at yourself! You're already amazing - being a mummy and working!

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