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HMRC contract Complaints

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Mumblesoldbloke Wed 14-Feb-18 14:32:48

I was hoping for some advice on here.

My daughter in her mid twenties has worked for HMRC since leaving Uni a couple of years ago. All has been going well and she had been offered a temporary promotion 7 months ago for a 6 month period in a different dept. The paperwork said that on successful 6 month period she would go back to her previous dept and be eligible for permanent promotion.

The temporary department she was sent to was Complaints related to Tax and working Credits. She has hated the time there and finds dealing with all these complaints far more stressful than she thought it would be. SHe decided early on that she would stick it out as she wanted promotion in the long run and that the 6 months would end and she’d then go back to his old dept.

She has found it very stressful and is sleeping poorly and running conversations with complainants in her mind all the time.

Last week they told her she would have to stay for another 3 months at least and possibly longer as they are well behind their targets and do not have enough staff in this area. She told them how it was affecting her well-being and that she wanted to return to her old dept.

She was told by her next in line manager and that manager’s manager that this was not an option but they would due a stress reduction assessment.

Her Union have told her not to accept this but she doesn’t want to let anyone down, struggles to stand up to her in line managers.She is so upset she is just thinking of resigning.

Can anyone out there give me any advice on how to help my daughter

Mumblesoldbloke Wed 14-Feb-18 19:20:23


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