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HattieMadden Mon 05-Feb-18 12:38:44

So I got my rota yesterday and the manager has put me off all week with 3 A/L holiday days which 1 I only asked for.

No one has mentioned it so it hasn’t been changed my family and SO say to have it off anyway seen as I’ve been having back pain lately and I always over do it at work seen as my other colleagues aren’t willing to help me nor care, same goes for the manager, she always makes me do things I don’t feel comfortable with.

(I work as a waitress/bartender) so they still ask me to change/move barrels, carry a heavy amount of plates, lift glasses out of the glass wash, change gas canisters and basically run about when its busy and its really putting strain on my back and legs/feet... so it would be nice to have a chill week off to rest myself, I just feel guilty for not saying anything cause shes the type that would bitch at you and change the rota and give you even more hours 😑

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flowery Mon 05-Feb-18 14:52:57

If you have enough annual leave days available and want to take next week off, do, if not, tell your boss there’s been a error and you didn’t request leave for those days.

daisychain01 Mon 05-Feb-18 17:13:22

Do you have to submit your AL dates in a system (or in an Excel spreadsheet even) - just to ensure a permanent and aligned record is kept.

The worry is that you and they could lose track of your official leave dates, it certainly becomes increasingly difficult to track reliably the further into the year you go, when the approvals aren't all held in one place.

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