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Sick leave and holiday

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mischiefmanaged01 Wed 06-Dec-17 00:29:21

Hi all hoping for thoughts and insights into my current situation.

I'm a teacher who has been off work with an undiagnosed upper respiratory problem which is currently undergoing investigations. I recently tried to return to work however it caused it to deteriorate again and so have been signed off until after christmas in the hope it will resolve or a diagnosis and treatment will have begun.

The problem I have is we have a holiday booked over the Christmas period. The doctors seem to think it will not be detrimental as we are going to significantly warmer climates however I guess I am a little concerned as to how this will look to colleagues/students upon my return.

The other problem I have is my sick note runs into this holiday by about 7 days. My headteacher has suggested I either declare myself well on the first day of the holiday and send him an email saying so, or go in for the last half day of term- can I do either of these things if my sick note runs past that date? I am also concerned about how this will work if upon my return in January the illness is still unresolved and I end up going off sick again.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insights to this situation, I would usually cancel such a trip- however it is our honeymoon!

flowery Wed 06-Dec-17 08:39:35

”My headteacher has suggested I either declare myself well on the first day of the holiday and send him an email saying so, or go in for the last half day of term”


I wouldn’t worry about how it looks to colleagues and students that you are going on a pre-booked honeymoon, but I don’t really understand why your HT has suggested that. What will doing that achieve?

NickMyLipple Wed 06-Dec-17 08:41:16

You can go on holiday whilst sick, especially if the doctors have cleared it. You don't have any obligation to go in to work before your sick note runs out and once the Christmas holidays starts, it's none of the head's business what you're doing. You don't get annual leave as a teacher so you can't 'claim back' your leave that you had when you were unwell but there is no reason you can't enjoy your holiday, even though your sick note runs to the middle of it.

daisychain01 Thu 07-Dec-17 03:52:08

I'd ask your GP to raise an additional Fit Note to cover all the days you will be unfit to work, even though you have some of those days booked as annual leave.

It removes any doubt about your medical situation. Fitnotes are a legal document, your HT can't quibble and make you do a Half Day for no apparent reason (wtf). Also if you still have doubt as to whether your ongoing health issue may reoccur later, it gives some continuity.

Don't worry about what colleagues say, it isn't your fault if you aren't well.

Peachyking000 Thu 07-Dec-17 04:01:42

It depends on your contract, and what their policy is regarding sick leave. Some employers will have a clause that a certain number of sickness absences in a short period of time can lead to disciplinary procedures - I think you would be best getting advice from your union or ACAS rather than on here. It’s a common misconception that you can’t get sacked for being ill - you can.

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