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Aggressive dog in office

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Jayfee Thu 26-Oct-17 10:35:50

I am seeking advice. My son came home yesterday with a swollen bite wound on his arm. He is the third person to be bitten by this dog.There are two dogs in the office. The biter belongs to the boss of this small company. The dog only defers to the boss, and the larger dog. It is a difficult situation for the employees as they don't want to upset the boss and put their jobs at risk. It seems that the biting is downplayed..I am still worried that the bite is infected as it was swollen yesterday.

retirednow Thu 26-Oct-17 11:13:04

Jeeps, what is the man thinking! I hope your son is okay, has he been to the doctor or hospital to have it checked out, if so make sure you keep a copy of the notes they made. I would get in touch with your local Council, they have a dog warden department, and report this asap. This dog is obviously a risk to people. You can also speak to ACAS and ask their advice if you don't know where to start.

Jayfee Thu 26-Oct-17 11:40:28

My son is worried about losing his job as the boss is well aware of the problems with the dog and hasn't done anything about it.
As 3 people have now been bitten perhaps something will be done. I phoned my son at work this morning and he doesn't think the bite wound has got any worse, but I will have a look at it when he gets home. It seems a ridiculous situation to me. He works somewhere up in London and I wouldn't think a dog warden would have a role as it is on private premises? Selfishly, when I heard about the 2 previous incdents I didn't think about it much but 3 bites now and my son.

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