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At a bit of a loss

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Scoobydooby42 Wed 25-Oct-17 22:17:37

Don't know if anyone would be able to advise. I have been forced to resign. I was faced with threatening and intimidating situations involving a manager. I contacted HR and told them I couldn't go back and why they told me I had to let work know I was resigning. A family member worked there also and has also resigned due to advice from HR. I have opened a grievance and got sent an email back saying there will be a meeting but you will attend as an ex employee. That was a week ago I have sent off statements and asked for a copy of their grievance policy and had no reply. I can't sign on because they say I resigned. Any advice would be great.

Needsomezzzz Wed 25-Oct-17 22:20:52

Give ACAS a call, they will advise you, it's free
Good luck x

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