Reduce hours or lose marbles

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user1498674072 Wed 28-Jun-17 19:48:02

Im a mum of three 8,6&3 and work part time in a reasonably stressful but well paid job. I'm well respected at work and my employers have been as flexible as they can be given the business I'm in. The problem is that I'm tired of juggling. I'd love to have two lives, one to press on in my career and one to be a mum but trying to do both is knackering. No one covers my work when I'm not there and I'm solely responsible for it. This means I have to cover up my absences from clients by always being available on the phone or on email and going back into the office after bed time when my husband gets home sometimes. I know I have nearly reached school age with all three so could just hang on a bit longer but I'm getting really resentful of those who don't work and am constantly running from one place to the next (literally sometimes). I think I can get another job at a much lower level for about half the salary with one day off a week and school holidays off. Importantly I would be an assistant so the hope is the work would be moved along in my absences. But.... Am I letting myself down or copping out?

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somewhereovertherain Sat 01-Jul-17 08:12:34

No reduce hours. Marbles much more important than money.

bimbobaggins Mon 03-Jul-17 20:23:39

Is there any way you could go part time in your existing position rather than looking for a new position in a lower paid job.

GaynorGoodwin Mon 03-Jul-17 20:33:06

Please don't see it as letting yourself down, as honestly you are not. Your doing/or will be doing what is right for you and your family. A small amount of stress is ok but too much and it's overbearing and can just leave you miserable. Do what's right for now.

user1498674072 Fri 07-Jul-17 21:29:05

Gaynorgoodwin what a lovely thing to say, thankyou. It's difficult because you are conditioned to constantly climb the ladder but also to be at home and there with your children. I know it's such a first world problem to moan about! I think work life balance should be taught at school and we should expect to be able to have it all.

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user1498674072 Fri 07-Jul-17 21:29:55

Somewhere over the rainbow

Thanks for the words of wisdom, quite true

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