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Change jobs?

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rooella Sun 23-Apr-17 18:04:41

I returned to work in Dec after 1 year of mat leave. Before I returned my role was changed into a team leader position. Since back i'm finding things increasingly stressful. I feel like I'm trying to do 2 separate jobs in the same hours (I currently work 30 hours over 4 days). Not only is work stressful but I'm also struggling to balance home life.

A job has come up in another department but it's only 20 hours, plus a demotion (although would be same hourly rate due to overlap of NHS payscales). Financially things would be tight but we'd manage. My concern is that going for a demotion might disadvantage me in the future if I went for another promotion. I'm so confused. I also know that if I stay where I am it means more money to do stuff as a family but then I miss out on an extra day at home (if I actually get the other job). I like my current job and don't find 4 days too bad but the new team leader role feels too stressful when I'm still sleep deprived (toddler still doesn't sleep great) what would you do?

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