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Rudeness in colleagues?

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lizzieoak Tue 11-Apr-17 05:25:23

I am always baffled by why on earth people have to be so shitty at work/why they get away with it.

Today a colleague (30 years younger than me, easy-going, calm, competent guy) & I find a file that's missing bits, no explanation, we can't move it forward because of this. If we move it forward the consequences for clients could be dire.

We take it to the boss who looks it up, is baffled, takes it to a third colleague of ours. Third colleague refuses to explain, says fourth colleague (who is off today) dealt with it "its fine!" and when the supervisor asked for an explanation Third just kept repeating "look at the remarks" she or Fourth made in the software.

It was so weird and confrontational. Why not just say "oh it was because x. We should have pencilled a note, I can see how that would look odd". Because the people who deal w those files (me and 2nd) can't access where they left the remark and it wasted quite some time figuring it all out.

I'm leaning to avoiding her if possible, but really, wtf is up w people?! I can't imagine being shirty w people like that and wonder what's going through their heads? If I'm unpleasant they will not notice
my mistake? They will bow before my power? They will never bother me again w their petty enquiries?

I was so underwhelmed.

daisychain01 Tue 11-Apr-17 12:12:09

I'd rise above it and not take it personally. Probably not worth expending energy trying to analyse their motives for being confrontational/defensive.

Life in offices, I'm afraid, we can't choose who we have to work with!

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