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Tier 2 visa fees math challenge

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babynelly2010 Fri 24-Feb-17 00:43:33

Hi, anyone understand immigration here?
I am confused about what our visa renewal will cost us can anyone help?
Here is the challenge.
We have general tier 2 visa for 3 years, we need to extend it for further 3 years.
By the time of application we will have my husband as main applicant and 4 dependants once this baby is born. What will be the cost for total application fee and what will be the cost for healthcare fee?
I am coming up with over 7.5k in total because they seem to have separate fee for each dependant and the main applicant. Last time we applied the fee was the same for the main applicant alone and with all dependants we paid just over 1k for all for the same day service. I am confused, did they change that recently?

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