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HR Issue Is this procedure

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hadenoughstartagain Tue 17-Jan-17 17:38:01

I have been having issues with another member of staff and have made several calls to my HR team with concerns for the staff members mental health and how they have made inappropriate statements, and also the disillusions that they are seeing/hearing.

Last week I found out after speaking with another member of HR that none of my calls have been noted anywhere. Is this procedure, how can a background be built up if no notes are ever taken?

I feel a little let down that my concerns haven't actually gone anywhere or at least one member of staff doesn't know the background as no one has noted it?

unfortunateevents Tue 17-Jan-17 17:51:37

So when you have actually spoken to HR previously how has it been left? How have they commented when you called them? I would put your concerns in writing so there is a record, if you are expecting some action to be taken I would also note that, as well as the specific actions you would like to see (if appropriate).

hadenoughstartagain Tue 17-Jan-17 17:59:54

To me the concerns I have been passing on have been serious.

I have been asked in the past to have chats with this person, they have been asking me to do this as the HR staff member was not aware there was previous issues. She told me today she would never have advised had she known, I wrongly assumed some kind of record would have been taken of my calls?

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