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Advice please - reducing hours - can they?

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unknownrebelbang Sat 17-Feb-07 17:10:26

We've recently been informed that management (public sector) are reviewing our posts (Six of us at this stage). Apparently no jobs will be lost, but some of us will be moved into other posts.

One issue is that there is a possibility that we may be moved to other posts which may be a lower grade, but salaries will be protected for a while.

A bigger problem for me personally is that I work 25 hours per week, but the posts currently available are either half-time or full-time, in fact most posts are.

Does anyone know if management can make me work full-time or reduce my hours to half-time without any recompense?


unknownrebelbang Sun 18-Feb-07 10:32:31


blondehelen Sun 18-Feb-07 10:40:19

I work for the NHS and I had my hours cut. they rebanded and cut alot of posts. I got redeployed for the rest of my hours but if I hadn't I would have got redundancy for the rest of my job What you have to do is make sure is you get a revised job description and contract. I didn't and as a result i left because they were expecting me to do full time work on part time hours.

NurseyJo Sun 18-Feb-07 10:40:50

Message withdrawn

unknownrebelbang Sun 18-Feb-07 18:22:14

It does state 25 hours in my contract, so at least I'm covered there by the looks of things. Could be interesting to see what they try to do with the extra hours then, if the hours of the post are cut back.

Meeting with management on Tuesday, and then our union next week, so will know more then.

Useful tip about the Acas Helpline, thanks.


codsonlymate Sun 18-Feb-07 18:24:06

Talk to ACAS about legal consultain process they chould go through with you - as well as gving proper notice. Join your Union immediately!

unknownrebelbang Sun 18-Feb-07 20:20:40

Am in the union - ironically our organisation recommends membership.

Will ring Acas.


chocolatekimmy Sun 18-Feb-07 20:46:21

this sounds as though it may be a redundancy situation if 6 posts are under review with the view of not having 6 posts in the future.

If your job is at risk (and it sounds as though it is despite what they are saying) they have to follow a statutory disciplinary code. First to notify you that your job may be at risk, then they have to have a meaningful discussion with you about what/why etc. As part of this consultation process they have to consider suitable alternative employment (sounds like they have skipped straight to this). You may feel that a lower graded position is not suitable.

In effect by moving you it could be a breach of contract, particularly if they insist on changing your hours. You are contracted to do 25 hours pw and they can only change terms and conditions if you are in agreement with it. Alternatively they can terminate your existing contract and offer you a new one (keeping continuity of service etc) however this could give rise to a claim of constructive dismissal by you.

An alternative is for them to 'buy' you out of your existing contract. This means that you agree to accept a new contract for a sum of money (taxable).

It sounds like they know some posts will no longer exist if they are saying some of you will be moved to other positions.

you really do need some expert advice on this and I would recommend ACAS or CAB.

unknownrebelbang Sun 18-Feb-07 20:58:49

That's interesting, thanks.

They're stating there won't be any redundancies - they've never made anyone redundant in the 22 years I've worked there (although I accept there is always a first).

There are currently vacancies in other locations which we know about. They've moved other people around in the past.

It's all a bit up in the air at the moment, I'll know more on Tuesday, but at the moment the worst two scenarios for me are them cutting my hours, or me and my colleague - a friend - at one of the other locations fighting for the same position.

chocolatekimmy Sun 18-Feb-07 21:09:46

Post again when you know more then.
Its easy for them to say there won't be redundancies however if a job/position no longer exists then its a redundancy situation and should be treated as such.

Sounds like they are avoiding that and covering by saying there are other jobs to be moved to. That may be the case but its about the original job that makes it a redundancy or not.

I can give you more guideance when you know more

unknownrebelbang Tue 20-Feb-07 20:44:31

Aaargggh. Meeting cancelled today, as my colleague is ill.

chocolatekimmy Wed 21-Feb-07 22:08:32

How annoying!

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