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What is under skilling?

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dollybird Tue 01-Nov-16 21:32:38

A recruitment agency told me that a company hiring for a role I'm interested in 'may be under skilling for the role'. What does this actually mean?

RatherBeIndoors Tue 01-Nov-16 21:48:34

Could be a couple of things - company is aiming to recruit a person at entry-level and train them up, or company is minimising the requirements of the role and it's a lot more demanding than the job description implies?

dollybird Wed 02-Nov-16 07:31:08

That's what I thought - I prefer the first one!

Smellslikeoranges Wed 02-Nov-16 07:53:26

Ha ha. Who thinks up these euthamisiums for "taking the piss"?

flopsypopsymopsy Wed 02-Nov-16 19:44:24

They're going to recruit someone with lower skills than is required for the job.

Lower skills = lower salary

I'd avoid it like the plague.

dollybird Wed 02-Nov-16 20:34:44

I've asked the agent to clarify as it was his opinion that they might be. I have been offered an interview so want to be sure where I stand

daisychain01 Thu 03-Nov-16 04:05:20

Why would a company want to recruit someone with less skills than the job needs. That doesn't make sense from a business perspective.

Surely they are wasting their time, the person will turn up unprepared and incapable and will struggle to deliver.

I would clarify with the agency. Also if you like the sound of the job, and are invited for interview, go for it. Agencies do get things wrong! Also the company may have other opportunities so it's good to get your foot in the door and make a good impression

EBearhug Thu 03-Nov-16 08:22:27

Remember that interviews are two-way - it's also an opportunity for you to find out if you want to work for them. If there are things in doubt about what the job will actually entail and the skills required, be ready to ask them about that - if it doesn't come up during the course of the interview, there will be a section at the end for you to ask questions. Make a list and take it with you, if necessary.

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