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Bullying and HR

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VoyageOfDad Thu 20-Oct-16 08:03:22

A few years ago I was subject to an unprovoked verbal attack in an open
plan office in front of about 30 people. This included hurling a chair across the room.

Most everyone there dislikes this person so I was urged to take it up with HR which I did. He was diciplined but has since felt he's the wronged ( as does his wife who works there ) party. It was untenable for me to work in the team after that as the senior was his best mate.

Since then I've felt I've subject to low level bullying. Moved to a dingy corner, given the worst kit to work with, training requests ignored and then sent on a 'beginners' course despite requesting 'advanced'.

A meeting to discuss the teams direction was rescheduled to a day I had booked off, I'm working on a project ATM and yesterday they changed the goal posts and gave me two days to do it. There's more, being blamed for stuff I had nothing to do with, overlooked etc etc

Now I have a fair amount of email evidence of all this, though of course you doubt yourself and wonder how tentative it might seem to someone. I had a discussion about some of these issues with my head of dept ( who's partly the problem ) and he basically brushed it off as being due to the disorganisation if the dept.

It's on my mind to go to HR but frankly the last time I did things got worse for me.

Only other option is to resign.

Any HR people give me advice ? I've checked the bullying policy at work, says what you'd expect.

Muser54321 Thu 20-Oct-16 10:03:39

Blimey, that sounds shit. I'd complain formally and then if it doesn't improve, move on.

You're thinking of moving on anyway so I'd want to have my say in writing and have it their on file for ever.

At the very least, make the complaints in writing and then if you do end up moving on, you'll feel better.

I acted a bit doormatty twice and once was over 20 years ago and it never leaves you.

Muser54321 Thu 20-Oct-16 10:04:57

Sorry, I'm not HR.

The incident I referred to twenty + Years ago though, I asked to see the file and they had removed bits of it before they sent it to me. So perhaps, if you're allowed, when you leave, ask for a copy of your file. That way if it's immediate they can't bury complaints.

VoyageOfDad Thu 20-Oct-16 15:42:48

Yes looking at my employment record is on my list. Though I'd probably go freelance... Thanks for taking the time to post

Muser54321 Thu 20-Oct-16 17:12:38

There are some HR people on here though, so bumping for you!

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