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Civil Service AO interview please help!

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Sweetandsour93 Sun 16-Oct-16 00:17:38

Hi, I'm just looking for some advice about how best to prepare for a civil service interview for an admin officer role. I am aware that it is based around core competencies but does that mean all the questions will address the competencies (such as delivering at pace, managing a quality service etc) or do they like to throw in random questions too?
Am I best just preparing examples of working in a team, under pressure etc?

I haven't had many interviews before as I've been in my current role part-time since university and I'm really nervous confused I'm in a poor position financially at the moment and I'm praying I get the job.
Please does anyone have any tips or advice?

Hermano Sun 16-Oct-16 00:23:26

Hi, been in the civil service 6 years and started at a grade equivalent to AO.
The majority of the questions will be focused on the competencies, try to have a couple of examples which show each one. Don't be afraid to repeat what is in your application- the interviewer probably didn't read it! Even if they did they want to hear you explain it yourself, check you didn't copy the text from online etc.
They may also ask about why you want to work in the civil service / this department. Think about it and have some hoest answers which aren't just about the pension wink
Have questions to ask them - about training opportunities, progression, plus any aspect of the job you want to know more about.
Good luck!

Hermano Sun 16-Oct-16 00:26:50

Oh and make sure your examples tell them exactly what YOU did. Don't talk about the team or we, use I.

Tell the story of the situation you were in (briefly), what you did, and what the result was (eg because I changed the invoicing system there were much fewer mistakes / all staff could use it simply instead of passing all invoices to the accountant etc

Also allow reflection on what else you considered / how you might do it differently in the future if appropriate to your example

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