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Need to formally inform hr about pregnancy

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babynelly2010 Sun 09-Oct-16 04:53:51

I recently got a new internal post within civil services. Higher post but as it turns out in very turbulent department with many leavers, unhappy imployees and so on.
I got pregnant right before I moved to new role.
I had to tell my line manager before 12 week scan because one of employees made comment on my body shape and asked if I was pregnant infront my coworkers. Yeah that's right, someone actually did that...
Anyhow, sequence of events made me think that I need to tell hr asap about my situation, as I mentioned it is a very turbulent department. I had scan last week, all looked fine butwe are still waiting on combined test result. So my line manager knows about pregnancy, I am thinking to write email to hr but dont know if i need to cc line manager on it, or should I just email my line manager and ask her to forward my notice to hr? What is the way of doing that and what do you write in the email?

ohidoliketobe Sun 09-Oct-16 05:43:51

I know what you're saying about letting them know for resource reasons, but they can't actually do a great deal until you present your MAT B1. You'll get that at the next midwife appointment / by request from GP from 20 weeks, so after your anomalies scan. Given that you've said you want to await the results of the harmony test; why not just hold out a few weeks longer and submit that?

anyname123 Sun 09-Oct-16 05:58:23

As pp said, nothing doing without MAT B1, and even then you don't legally have to tell them, my cotract stipulates by 25 weeks, where possible. Leave it for a while.

MinnowAndTheBear Sun 09-Oct-16 06:16:51

As pp have said, you need to present your line manager with your MatB1 form. In my department you would also need to complete form ML1 with regards to starting maternity leave/return to work etc. Check out the HR A-Z re maternity leave.

babynelly2010 Sun 09-Oct-16 07:35:12

Thank you all but i wonder if it makes sense formally anounce my pregnancy in writing for protection reasons. As I mentioned that the office is very turbulent and I am worried that I may be treated unfairly because of pregnancy... also arent they supposed to do some health and safety review?

babynelly2010 Sun 09-Oct-16 07:42:10

Also would not my appointments be covered unless I formally infirm them of my pregnancy. I just looked at our guide and it says your line manager cant take any action unless they are informed in writting. I guess I should just put a note to her once I git my test result...?

Zebrasinpyjamas Sun 09-Oct-16 07:47:39

I told my employer early to protect myself for similar reasons. Yes your extra employment rights kick in as soon as they know. I told my manager face to face as a courtesy then sent a confirmation email to HR so I knew they had it.
I just said the news and gave an approximate due date.
The only immediate response was that hr sent me the maternity policy. You can ask your manager to keep it private before your results are back too.
It does make time off for antenatal appointments easier once someone knows.

Scarydinosaurs Sun 09-Oct-16 07:51:23

Yes, absolutely.

I did it verbally and then followed up with an email "I am contacting you to give you written confirmation of my pregnancy and due date of x, I will notify you if this date changes"

babynelly2010 Sun 09-Oct-16 07:58:10

Great ill do that if once results are in.

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