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Work and sick kids?

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lizzieoak Wed 05-Oct-16 18:19:07

My last worksite was brilliant about staff taking time off for sick kids, it came out of their own sick time. Ditto having to leave if a kid called from school ill and needing to go home.

Every other job I've had they've been pigs about it. Current job they unofficially have told me they "don't tolerate sick days". All the other staff and boss are either childless or have a partner to trade kids' sick days. My DS is a teenager now, but last June rang me at work puking and shaking and needed picking up (or be on two buses for 45 minutes, then 10 minute walk on that state). Job was deeply disapproving.

While I need to work to provide for DS, at the end of the day, no-one is unsafe if I leave work (rarely) to take care of him. We just work in an office. I was going to settle him in and come back but I was so annoyed I just stayed home with him for the rest of the day.

What is the normal experience here?

Blankiefan Wed 05-Oct-16 20:55:57

If your child is unwell, you take annual leave. It's an inconvenience for your business which is generally offset by the fact that you often end up working during it anyway (from home, for example) as its unplanned.

That's been my experience and the trade off seems fair. I keep 5 days annual leave every year to the end of the year for this purpose (and if I don't need it, I have a few days to myself at the end of the holiday year)

lizzieoak Wed 05-Oct-16 21:09:18

In my country it comes out of our own sick time instead.

I meant more, what's the attitude in your work-site like. So far my experience has been generally negative. I've had coworkers huffing and puffing and saying "don't you have friends or relatives who can help out?" (After I had to take 2 of my sick days for ds' pukey migraines). I'm not sure if that attitude is common, or if I've just had bad luck.

OccamsRaiser Thu 06-Oct-16 04:21:13

I'd be pretty peeved at that attitude. At my work, we are given 10 days "sick and carer's leave" each year. They accumulate if you don't use them. My boss has no issue with me having the day off to care for my kids - I can access emails on my phone at any point, as well as logging in from home, and teleconference any urgent meetings.

With two kids in f/t child care I would be a wreck if I had to use my 20 days annual leave to cover every bug going (let alone when they get hit with Hand Foot & Mouth and it's a mandatory exclusion period of over a week!)

lizzieoak Thu 06-Oct-16 04:28:43

The attitude annoys me so much. Congratu-fucking-relations colleagues on having loads of family to pick up the slack. And people without kids, you do realize we need children to grow up & work in care homes and hospitals for when we're infirm?

Just cross with having to grovel when I should be focussed on my sick DS (or when my dd was still a kid, her as well). Instead if saying "poor kid, I hope he feels better soon", they make it about their very minor inconvenience.

My parents had me in their late 40's, so no parents live & no aunts & uncles left either.

lizzieoak Thu 06-Oct-16 04:29:46

Glad you've got a nice boss, Occam's smile

JustDanceAddict Fri 07-Oct-16 20:16:23

In my last job I could swap days so if they were ill on say a Monday, I would go in on one of my non-work days. They were so flexible it was amazing!! In my current role I think we'd have to take unpaid leave, but may get the carers' leave. I've only just started so it hasn't happened yet. I'm so busy though I'd prob get DH to work from home as he'S self-employed.

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